Lakeside Pyjamas

I bought this pattern ages ago. In the Black Friday sale in fact. Yup, as I said. Ages ago. But last week it suddenly went all unseasonably warm. Even for California. And I melted. It was a sign of things to come. It was time to embrace having a full on summer wardrobe, I have […]

Chickpea and Spinach Pie

My old job was located right in Bristol city centre. Close proximity to all kinds of tasty foodstuffs, including the joy of Pieminister Mothership Tuesdays, Pippin doughnut Fridays, and a little place called Royce Rolls, which was just inside St Nick’s Market, and sold super tasty flapjacks sarnies and bits of pastry. This is my […]

Bluebird - Sialia sialis

Busy couple of weeks! Trips to Tahoe and Yosemite, paperwork, paperwork, more paperwork…….. Now back to business as usual. I was having a lazy Sunday morning yesterday (not quite as lazy as Mr M, who spent it sleeping), and decided to indulge myself in another little cross stitch project…. although on a decidedly smaller scale […]

Bombshell Swimsuit View B

I saw the bombshell pattern last year. I bought the blue fabric for my bombshell swimsuit way back in February in Portland. I finally got all the rest of the bits and pieces for making it about a month ago, ballpoint pins, stretch needles, matching thread………… I just chickened out of taking the plunge and […]

Delia Smith. Kitchen Deity.

Yeah, it has been a little while. I have been working on a couple of things, but mainly, and quite unexciting-ly, studying for my ASCP exam and applying for jobs. Dull I know. Anyhow, this project stemmed from a slightly silly little idea (but then, all the best ones are), which had been percolating in […]

Pleated Sorbetto

So, the other week I made an inverted pleat sorbetto. It was lovely. I even made my own binding and sewed it to the inside to finish the edges off all nicely….. but then realised….. perhaps I should have continued the pattern across the pleat….. Oooops. I maintain that the pattern doesn’t necessarily repeat, because […]

Homity Pie

I made some┬áHomity Pie again, using the recipe from Pieminister . I miss you Mothership Tuesdays! Oooooh check it! I made the edges all fancy and everything! …and then I made mini ones from the leftover pastry and filling using my new toy from Lakeland. Yum! (also a Lemon Meringue Pi(e), because it is my […]


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